Friday 29 September 2023
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Review of Employment Opportunities Available at Unemployed Professors

Review of Employment Opportunities Available at Unemployed Professors

The dawn of the twenty-first century brought with it the plight of unemployment. While the employment rates have remained quite constant in the past several years, the number of unemployed graduates still remains at an alarming high. This, coupled with the reduced quality of education has caused the unemployed, both young and old, to develop novel and innovative ways to pay bills and put some food on the table.

One such outfit is Unemployed Professors. This is a website that offers professional writing services for students in either high school or college and a myriad of other services that are both conventional and unconventional.

The outlook of the site tells more than just that. While other professional writing sites tend to lean to a more official and professional look, tends to a more casual, almost comical, look. This is specifically meant to lure clients of the younger demographic with the cool cartoon strips and illustrations.

But that is not all that the site entails. Unemployed Professors also offers various opportunities for the same clients they write for and any other willing persons to make some money on the site. This is huge up side of the site and it sets it apart from other sites in the writing business. This review covers some opportunities that they offer that could help bring an extra buck.

Professional writers

There can never be too much of a good thing. Unemployed professors offer opportunities for academics who would wish to further the cause it stands for; to help students attain great grades without having to work for them.

Some of the requirements you have to have include;

  • Be a working college professor.
  • Have an advanced degree in at least one field.
  • Be an ivy league graduate.

If you have the above qualifications, you could be the next unemployed professor.

The site works on a bidding system so your prospective earnings rely on how good your credentials are and how good your work is.


Unemployed Professors is a Montreal-based professional writing site that offers various writing services for a wide variety of clients. Their services are virtual unlimited, provided it’s not illegal.

Besides their exceptional writing services, the site also offers an opportunity for clients who refer their friends to the site to earn some cash. The referral program involves generating a unique referral link and code which can be sent to the prospect being referred.

The referred person has to create an account and enter the referral code. However, the referral token of appreciation is not given until the referred client places an order and pays for it. The referrer gets ten dollars for ever referral. This can be a good method to easily make money if you are good at networking.

Book sales

The Unemployed Professors site also offers an opportunity for students to buy and sell hard copy books. The site has an entry field where you can enter the ISBN number of the book you intend to sell and the title of the book. The site then generates a quotation for you and if you accept the quotation, you can then mail the book to the site. The site assures that payment should be sent within 48hour of reception of the book.


Reviewing how swift and how good payment from the site is quite difficult since getting a hold of those who works for the site is difficult. It can however, be assumed with a high level of confidence that the site pays its employees properly since negative reviews by employees on the internet are non-existent.