Friday 29 September 2023
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Important Things to Know Before Taking Mandarin Class

Important Things to Know Before Taking Mandarin Class

There are important reasons why you should learn Mandarin. Besides English, Mandarin becomes the most spoken language in the world. Most Chinese live all across the world. Best believe that fluent in the Chinese language will increase your value, especially when you seek jobs. With China’s rapid economy growing, it surely adds another reason why you should take Mandarin class. Before you get started, here are important things you should know before taking the class.

Learning Mandarin Is Worth It

As briefly mentioned above, learning Mandarin is important. More than nine hundred thousand people use this language globally. Your chance to explore China is open wider. In a formal professional community, being able to speak Mandarin will add value to your resume.

Tonal Language

Before jumping into Mandarin class, you must be aware that Mandarin is a tonal language. It means that different Chinese characters own different tones. Standard Mandarin has four distinct tones, where each different tone carries different meanings to words. That is why you must pay attention to the correct tones so you can use the words properly.

Chinese Writing Is Fascinating

Upon learning Chinese written characters, which are called hànzì, you will be fascinated by their uniqueness. For you who use Latin-based alphabets, learning hànzì might take quite some time but be patient. Even Chinese natives themselves commonly know only around 5,000 characters out of 50,000 characters.

Word Order

You might first find it challenging when learning the word order. Basically, the sentence is in Subject + Verb + Object. However, Mandarin sentences highly focus on the topic. Besides, changing the word order will create a different meaning to your sentences. For example, the common greeting “Nihao ma”, which means “How are you”, will provide a different meaning when you replace the word order. It will mean “Mother, you are great” when changed into “Ma nihao”.

Choosing the Right Dialect

When you are about to enroll in Mandarin class, make sure you know which Chinese language or dialect you wish to learn. In business matters, Mandarin is the official language used in China and Beijing. Chinese language used in other countries, such as the United States, Western Europe, Canada, and Australia, is Mandarin. However, if you will stay or work in Macau or Hongkong, then you should learn Cantonese.

Practice More

Besides studying during the class, you must also commit to yourself. Use your spare time to learn new things. You can start learning Mandarin songs, singing them, and finding out the meaning of each word. You can also make your flashcards, a great way to practice Chinese characters.

Now that you know some important things before taking Mandarin class, you will be more prepared. Since everyone has their method of learning, you should also know what works best for you. Good luck with mastering Mandarin!