Raspberry Pi 400 powers post-apocalyptic 'Fallout' home automation terminal

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If you've ever played Fallout, you're more than familiar with the terminals placed throughout the game world. They are essentially desktops that you interface with on a regular basis while playing.  Maker and developer Rick has managed to create a real working terminal replica using one of our favorite SBCs, the Raspberry Pi. This project takes a little bit of the Fallout universe into the real world with great timing as the Fallout TV series has been out for a few weeks.

This replica looks just like the original terminal down to the rusty paint job and beautiful round edges. It also runs a custom interface that looks like the command line interface (CLI) in the actual games. The unit features an LCD screen for video output that Rick decided to house behind a Fresnel lens to get the round effect.

The terminal does more than look cool, Rick has made it a functional part of his smart home system. It acts as an interactive text-based assistant that is capable of handling input thanks to OpenAI. Requests can be processed for things like controlling lights, playing music or pretty much any other smart home feature you want to operate.

The Fallout terminals have a keyboard built into them, so it makes perfect sense that Rick looked to the Raspberry Pi 400 as the board to use in his replica project. It's connected to a 7-inch Waveshare touchschreen via HDMI, which is given a retro look and feel thanks to the curved Fresnel lens.

The housing was created from scratch using CAD software just for this project. According to Rick, the case was 3D printed using PETG on a Bambu A1 printer. The pieces were then sanded down before getting a slick, post-apocalyptic paint job. The housing also features mounting components to secure the hardware inside.

If you want to get a closer look at this Raspberry Pi project, you can check it out over at X/Twitter where Rick has shared a detailed look at the build process and final design.

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  • MobileJAD
    Looks really cool, kinda wish I had something like that, don't have the skills to build one myself without buying a kit that includes instructions, but the one thing that I wish was different about their project was that they used a mechanical keyboard as the ones in the recent games had a noticeable clicky sound
  • AlskiOnTheWeb
    Nice job. That's certainly a better use for a PI than the digital clock project.