Noctua unveils its Home series products — $100 NV-FS1 desk fan is the star attraction

Noctua Home cooling products
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PC cooling specialist Noctua has unveiled its first foray outside of the PC market. The new Noctua Home series seeks to leverage the firm’s “superior, award-winning fan technology,” in products such as desk fans and accessories that facilitate Noctua fan usage in homes, offices, and for multi-purpose ventilation. Currently, this market is "plagued by noisy, low-quality fans," asserts Noctua, and it wants to change this - but the new Home products aren't cheap. 

It is good to finally see Noctua launch its long-anticipated desk fan, the NV-FS1, which is available at $99.90. Other members of the Noctua Home range include the NV-FS2 multi-purpose device cooling fan set and a plethora of accessories like mounts, power supplies, and gaskets.

Pondering over the main attraction first, the NV-FS1 provides quiet but powerful air cooling in an angled adjustable frame. Central to the design is one of Noctua’s well-regarded fans, the award-winning NF-A12x25 PWM 120mm fan. This is fronted by an NV-AA1 airflow amplifier (available separately), and cradled by a pivoting steel mount/stand. The included NV-FM1 stand (available separately) has dampening, magnets, zip-tie slots, and screw mounting holes for flexible placing and fixing.

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The final important component of the NV-FS1 desk fan is its power supply setup. When you buy the desk fan you get Noctua’s Noctua’s NV-PS1 230/115V universal power supply as well as an NV-EC4 1m extension cable. We see the NV-PS1 is currently available separately, but not the NV-EC4.

Noctua’s NV-FS2 is the other major product in the new Home range, priced at $79.90 on Amazon. The cooling firm envisions customers buying (multiples of) this product to mount to hot-running electronic devices around the home. Examples given are A/V receivers, stereo equipment, routers, game consoles, and storage solutions. Again we see Noctua leveraging its NF-A12x25 PWM 120mm fan.

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Other important components of the NV-FS2 include its soft mounting pads and gaskets, as well as a fan controller. Last but not least Noctua’s NA-FG1 fan grill makes sure this product doesn’t cause hurty fingers, and the NV-PS1 power and NV-EC4 1m extension are bundled again.

As mentioned in the intro, Noctua also released a series of bits and pieces to support its Home range. As well as the components that would allow you to make up your own desk fan (except the power extension cable), there are things like fan hubs, fan sets, pads, and gaskets. These have all been chosen to help facilitate your DIY home optimization projects, big or small.

Mark Tyson
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  • gg83
    This has to be a joke. Whatever device you have, just put a fan on it. Sweaty down under? Put a fan on it. Lmao
  • Notton
    I don't think these will sell that well.
    At the very least, I wished the desk fan used a built-in battery for that price.
    It's not too difficult to find quiet desk fans, once you move up to 16cm diameter blades.
  • RoLleRKoaSTeR
    I'm sorry, but my 26+ year old Vornado fan moves air. I can be 20 feet away from it and on medium setting I can feel the fan moving air. Vornado - FTW.
  • Dante'sfired
    If this isn't a product for Noctua Fan Boys; I don't know what is
  • BillyBuerger
    I mean, it's not a bad idea. I enjoy using PC fans for other non-PC related things. Wiring up a nice 120mm fan with a fan controller and housing as a desk fan is a perfectly useful idea. But it feels like that's all they did. Here's a fan, a basic PWM controller, a power adapter and a basic mounting bracket. Unless I'm missing something, it looks like the fan speed controller will just be hanging off the fan wire where you'll have to reach around to find it to make any adjustments. Or have it awkwardly sitting on the desk. At the very least, they could have integrated those things better. The fan controller should be mounted as part of the fan housing preferably with a larger knob that is easier to use. The power adapter could also be part of that so you have a normal power connector and not another brick you need to find a spot on a power strip that doesn't block other outlets. It feels like they did the minimal possible to make this work.
  • tennis2
    $100 for what looks like (and can be if you have a 3D printer) a DIY novelty 120mm desk fan....give me a break.
  • bit_user
    I would've been more open-minded to these, had Thermalright not been providing some serious competition for them on the CPU cooler front and had I not just recently been met with disappointment by their NF-A9x14 PWM fans - both the beige-colored and the HS black versions get really noisy above maybe 1000 RPMs. Very uncharacteristic of Noctua fans, IMO. Maybe they should be spending more time & money researching better bearings for narrow fans, or whatever is the actual reason why those fans are so loud.

    Technically, the fan shroud sounds very intriguing, especially the helix energy recovery and the Venturi-effect volume enhancement. I did get a chuckle out of the way they copied & pasted the same text underneath each of these three panels:

  • tennis2